Sunday, May 26th 2002
(ROOM 1)
18:00 PLENARY SESSION I: (Chairman: I. J. Rudas)
(ROOM 1)
A. Bejczy: Perspective of Future Space Exploration, Challenges and Possibilities
20:00 Welcome Dinner

Monday, May 27th 2002
9:00 PLENARY SESSION II: (Chairman: S. Ribariĉ)
(ROOM 1)
J J. A. T. Machado, R. Barbosa, F. Duarte, N. Ferreira: Application of Fractional Calculus in the Control of Mechanical Systems
9:45 Coffee Break
10:00 Intelligent Robotics I: (Chairman: I. Nagy)
(ROOM 1)
  1. J. K. Tar, I. J. Rudas, J. F. Bitó, K. Kozlowski: A New Approach in Computational Cybernetics Based on the Modified Renormalization Algorithm Guaranteeing Complete Stability in the Control of a Wide Class of Physical System
  2. W. Elmenreich, L. Schneider, R. Kirner: A Robust Certainty Grid Algorithm for Robotic Vision
  3. A. Helybeli, F. Vajda: Behavior Based Robot Control in the Microrobotics
  4. D. Omrèen: Measuring of Knee Movement Using Industrial Robot
  5. I. Iordachita, A. Patriciu, D. Mazilu, G. Catrina, D. Stoianovici: Force-Feedback Tests for Medical Robots
  6. M. Silva, J. A. T. Machado, A. M. Lopes: Gait Efficiency of Walking Robots
10:00 Artificial Intelligence I: (Chairman: G. Hermann)
(ROOM 2)
  1. Á. B. Novák, Z. Tuza: Representing Directed and Weighted Graphs and Their Properties in a Relational Spatial Database Model
  2. D. Tao, Z. Liu, Y. Yuan, N. Yu, X. Li: A Novel Support Vector Machine Approach with Improvements Applied to Semantic Image Classification
  3. S. Ribariĉ, M. Matetiĉ: A System for the Behaviour Analysis of Laboratory Animal Based on Qualitative Modelling
  4. S. Fong, Z. Yan, S. Chan: Access-Control Architecture to Support E-CRM and Distributed Data Mining
  5. F. Ujeviĉ, N. Bogunoviĉ: An Integrated Intelligent System for Data Mining and Decision Making
  6. M. Èubrilo, M. Malekoviĉ: Business Rules Modeling in F-Logic
10:00 Computational Intelligence I: (L. Horvath)
(ROOM 3)
  1. T. Hunjak: A Method for Redundant Criteria Aggregation Based on AHP and Choque Integral
  2. L. Márton: Adaptive Friction Compensation based on Dynamic Neural Networks
  3. L. Ngalamou, C. Donaldson: Fuzzy Implementation of Discrete Event Controllers using Petri Nets-to-Fuzzy Sets Conversion Approach
  4. Z. A. Mann, A. Orban, P. Arato: Genetic Scheduling Algorithm in High-Level Synthesis
  5. Z. Puklus: Mathematical Model of the Half Bridge Resonant Converter
11:30 Coffee Break
11:45 Intelligent Robotics II: (Chairman: J. K. Tar)
(ROOM 1)
  1. U. Gerecke, N. E. Sharkey, A. J.C. Sharkey: Overcoming Scalability Problems of Robot Localization with Neural Network Ensembles
  2. J. Liu, Z. Cai, W. Jiang: Learning of Goal-Directed Spatial Knowledge from Temporal Experiences for Navigation
  3. I. Nagy: Marker-Based Mobile Robot Positioning in Respect of Displacement of the Markers
  4. I. Harmati, B. Lantos, S. Payandeh: Completely Involutive Representations for Holonomic Stratified Motion Planning
  5. I. Harmati, B. Lantos, S. Payandeh: Motion Planning along Decomposed Trajectory for Holonomic Stratified Systems
  6. P. Baranyi, Y. Yam, D. Tikk, P. Michelberger: Minimal Linearization via HOSVD in LMI Based Contol
11:45 Artificial Intelligence II: (Chairman: M. Malekoviĉ)
(ROOM 2)
  1. L. Kovacs, P. Baranyi: Document Clustering Using Concept Set Representation
  2. S. Fong, S. Zhung: Enabling Agent Negotiation in e-Trading Environments Through Knowledge Beads
  3. S. Medenjak: Evaluation of Applying Fuzzy Factors to the Knowledge Elicitation Techniques Selection
  4. Yuichi YAMAMOTO, Kiyoshi AKAMA, Hiroshi MABUCHI, Takahiko ISHIKAWA: Obtaining more efficient programs by accumulating desirable rules
  5. T. Ishikawa, K. Akama, H. Mabuchi, Y. Yamamoto: Multi-Head Rules in Equivalent Transformation
  6. J. Paralic, P. Bednar: Knowledge Discovery in Texts Supporting e-Democracy
11:45 Inteligent Mechatrocnics II: (Chairman: J. Paraliè)
(ROOM 3)
  1. Z. Kemény: Parameterization Through Null Space - A New Redundancy Resolution Method for Differential Kinematic Problems in Comparison to Other Methods
  2. W. Elmenreich, P. Peti: Achieving Dependability in a Time-Triggered Network
  3. P. Vaclavek, P. Blaha, J. Lepka: State Observer for AC Motor Sensorless Control
  4. U. Berger, R. Lepratti: Advanced Automation System for Deburring and Dressing of Automotive Engine Parts
  5. J. Solteiro Pires, J. A. Tenreiro Machado, P. B. de Moura Oliveira: An Evolutionary optimization FOR Robotic Manipulators
14:00 Lunch Time
16:00 PLENARY SESSION III: (Chairman: M. Èubrilo)
(ROOM 1)
M. Radovan: On Authentic and Functional Intelligence
17:00 Excursion

Tuesday, May 28th 2002
10:00 Intelligent Robotics III: (Chairman: P. Baranyi)
(ROOM 1)
  1. E. Petriu, T. H. Whalen, V. Groza: Haptic Perception System for Robotic Tele-Manipulation
  2. M. Bušiĉ, S. Ribariĉ: Program Implementation of Marr-Poggio Algorithm for Cooperative Computation of Stereo Disparity
  3. L. Horváth, I. J. Rudas, H. M. A. Shamsudin: Robot Control using Product Models in Internet Environments
  4. T. Urbancsek, M. Vogel: Sensing and Monitoring Methods in Telerobotical Applications Fusing Real-time Video Transmission and Calibrated Virtual Reality
  5. M. Košek, M. Diblik: Use of 2D Convolution for Image Inspection
  6. A. Cataneanu, D. G. Bagnaru: The Mechanical Model of Movement for the Guiding Device Mechanisms in the Industrial Robots
10:00 Artificial Intelligence III: (Chairman: M. J. Nyers)
(ROOM 2)
  1. E. P. Katz: A Multiple Rule Engine-Based Agent Control Architecture
  2. Y. Penya, T. Sauter: Network Load imposed by Software Agents in Distributed Plant Automation
  3. M. Rosiĉ, S. Stankov, V. Glaviniĉ: Personal Agents in Distance Education Systems
  4. M. Malekovic, M. Cubrilo: Some Properties of Forgetfulness in Multi-Agent Systems
  5. T. Hrkaĉ, S. Ribariĉ, N. Pavešiĉ: Hierarchical Model of Multi-Agent System for Spatio-Temporal Rich Domains
  6. A. Lovrenèiĉ, D. Radoševiĉ: Grammar Evaluation of Web Questionary Generator
10:00 CAD/CAM/CAE Systems (Chairman: A. Pakstas)
(ROOM 3)
  1. L. Horváth, I. J. Rudas: Application of Intelligence in Active Engineering Modeling
  2. A. Georgiadis, E. Sergeev, T. Wagner, R. Rievers: Experimental Investigation of high-speed Marble-Stone Milling
  3. T. Švedek, V. Švedek: Generalised Parallel/Serial Test Procedure for Counters in Digital Low Complexity ASICs
  4. G. Hermann: Geometric Modelling in Reconstructing Surgery
  5. B. Golda, B. Laczay, Z. A. Mann, C. Megyeri, A. Recski: Implementation of VLSI Routing Algorithms
11:30 Coffee Break
11:45 Intelligent Mechatronics I: (Chairman: J. A. T. Machado)
(ROOM 1)
  1. 1. A. Cataneanu, D. G. Bagnaru: A Matrix Algorithm for the Study of the Industrial Robots' Kinematics
  2. J. Martins, A. Pires, A. Dente, R. V. Mendes: Automatic Language Control of Drives
  3. L. Jelenkovic, L. Budin: Error Analysis of a Stewart Platform Based Manipulator
  4. D. Jakobovic, L. Budin: Forward Kinematics of a Stewart Platform Mechanism
  5. N. Klopèar, J. Lenarèiè: Kinematic Specifications of Humanoid Shoulder Motion
11:45 Computational Intelligence II: (Chair: A. R. Varkonyi-Koczy)
(ROOM 2)
  1. S. Gyġri, Z. Petres, P. Baranyi, A. R. Várkonyi-Kóczy: Modeling of the Human Liver-Bile System by Soft-Computing Methods
  2. M. Trusca, G. Lazea, P. Dobra: Neural Network Algorithm for Optimal Control of Robotic Manipulators
  3. P. Jedrzejowicz, J. Jedrzejowicz: Scheduling on a Single Machine Against Common Due Date Using Population Learning Algorithm
  4. B. Korousic-Seljak: Solving the School Timetabling Problem by Using a Hopfield-type Neural Network and a Genetic Algorithm
  5. Reza Farshadnia, P.J. Fleming: Use of Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithms for the Solution of Constrained Optimization Problems
11:45 Man-Machine Systems: (Chairman: J. Sziray)
(ROOM 3)
  1. G. Bubaš, A. Lovrenèiĉ: Implications of Interpersonal Communication Competence Research on the Design of Artificial Behavioral Systems that Interact with Humans
  2. M. Drenovac: Computerized Simulation of Cognitive Functions in the Research of Human-Computer Relations
  3. K. Fürst, T. Schmidt, G. Wippel: Enabling Collaborative Engineering with Web-Services
  4. D. Radoševiĉ, M. Sajko: Using Internet as a Means for Retrieving Information - How We Do It?
14:00 Lunch Time
16:00 Systems Engineering I: (Chairman: B. Frankovic)
(ROOM 1)
  1. P. Arató, B. Csák, T. Kandár, Z. Mohr: Some Components Of A New Methodology In System-Level Synthesis
  2. R. Barbosa, J. A. T. Machado: Fractional Describing Function Analysis of Systems with Backslash and Impact Phemomena
  3. J. Sallai, H. Charaf: Integrating E-Commerce Services in a GroupWare Infrastructure
  4. R. Gilchrist, A. Pakstas, I. Schagaev: On Large Scale Project Economic Models with Feedbacks
  5. V. Groza, R. Abielmona, E. Petriu: Reconfigurable Computing: Exploring Emerging Technologies
16:00 Intelligent Manufacturing Systems II: (Chairman: J. F. Bitó)
(ROOM 2)
  1. G. Rödönyi: Linear Parameter-Varying LQG Control Design with Parameter-Dependent Lyapunov Function
  2. J. M. Nyers, L. J. Nyers: Monitoring Heat Pumps with Discrete Components
  3. P. Blaha, P. Vaclavek, J. Lepka: Modern Strategies for Sensorless Asynchronous Motor Control
  4. J. Vásárhelyi, M. Imecs, J. J. Incze, C. Szabó: Module Library for Rapid Prototyping and Hardware Implementation of Vector Control Systems
  5. A. Di Stefano, M. Giuffrida, C. Santoro: On-Line Load Balancing in a Multi-Agent Industrial Environment
  6. M. Lendvay, A. L. Bencsik: Production Part Approval Process in Quality Management System
16:00 Intelligent Manufacturing Systems I: (Chairman: M. Imecs)
(ROOM 3)
  1. C. Cenati, M. Cibien, B.I. Rebaglia: A Flexible and Reliable Measuring System for Pose Error Characterization of Industrial Manipulators and Machine Tools
  2. B. Frankovic, I. Budinska, D. T-Tung: A Multi-Agent Coordination in A Process of Production System Control
  3. S. Nedjari: Control Systems Cooperation Paradigm with Multi-agent Society
  4. S. Benedek, B. Szilagyi, M. J. Embrechts: Development of a Digital Control Strategy with Near Optimal Time Algorithm
  5. G. Györök: Effect Optimized Peltier-Cooling System
  6. G. Györök: Jitter-Analysis of Hard Disk Drives
17:30 Coffe break
17:45 Systems Engineering II: (Chairman: A. Recski)
(ROOM 1)
  1. B. Benyó: UML Statechart Based Verification and Testing of Embedded Systems
  2. J. Sziray: Verification and Validation of Software Systems
  3. A. Brumniĉ: Using UML in Describing Communication Requirements in Distributed Systems
17:45 Intelligent Manufacturing Systems III: (Chairman: Z. Puklus)
(ROOM 2)
  1. S. Gyapay, A. Pataricza, J. Sziray, F. Friedler: Petri Net-Based Optimization of Production Systems
  2. O. Ozgonenel: Simulation of Short Circuit Currents in Transformers
  3. A. Gudelj Bolanèa , M. Krèum: Simulation of the Electrical System of Ships
  4. G. Zsigmond, G. Ágoston, A. Spisák: The Calculation of Availability with the Help of Graph Theory
  5. S. Mottura, M. Sacco, G. Vigano, C.R. Boër: Virtual Reality as a Support for the Product Prototyping, Configuration and Validation: A Case Study
17:45 Computational Intelligence III: (Chairman: N. Bogunoviĉ)
(ROOM 3)
  1. D. Tikk, J. D. Yang, P. Baranyi, A. Szakál: Fuzzy relational thesauri in information retrieval: automatic knowledge base expansion by means of classified textual data
  2. O.Takacs, A.R. Varkonyi-Koczy: Improved Error-Bound for the SVD Based Complexity Reduction
  3. B. Dalbelo Bašiĉ, V. Glaviniĉ, M. Èupiĉ: Web-oriented Simulator for Soft Computing Models
  4. M. Takacs: Fuzzy Integrals in Fuzzy Logic Control
19:00 Closing Ceremony
(ROOM 1)
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